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ACCEPTABLE | The component and/or system checked is functional and working properly at the time the inspection was carried out.

DEFECTIVE | The component and/or system that has been checked is not working properly and requires attention.

FUNCITONAL | A component and/or system that is working as per its intended design.

INDIVIDUAL COMPONENT | A single item that is being inspected. It may have more than one function or be part of a system.

NOT APPLICABLE | The component and/or system that was not available for inspection. Item may be missing at the time the inspection was carried out or not covered under the standards of practice of the CAHPI.

NOT CHECKED | The component and/or system that was inaccessible for the inspection at the time of inspection.

RISK CONTROL (INSURANCE AUDIT) | A detailed inspection for Business and Insurance Underwriters to access whether the buildings, property and contents in question meet current the Provincial Building, Fire and Trade codes.

SOLID FUEL HEATING | A fuel burning device that consumes materials such as wood, coal, pellets or similar organic fuel to provide heat to a structure or process. Examples of such devices would include wood stoves, fireplaces, wood electric furnaces and outdoor wood furnaces with glycol.

SYSTEM | A group of individual components that collectively carry out one or more functions.

THERMOGRAPHY | The use of Infrared test equipment to determine heat loss through the vapour barriers of wood framed walls. Testing is also done around window and door casings and frames.

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