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The building inspector shall not detail in the report or provide the following:

  1. Appraisals or estimates for repairs deemed necessary in the report.
  2. The life expectancy of the building and its components.
  3. Advise as to whether the property and/or its contents in question should be purchased.
  4. Items not permanently installed or visible at the time of inspection. If the roof is covered or portions thereof covered in snow or ice, the building inspector shall not accept responsibility to clear such portions of said roof prior to making the inspection.
  5. Perform an inspection in an area or on a component where the procedure may cause damage to the property and/or the component. Such examples would be insulation, ice/snow, furniture, personal items, etc.
  6. Operate a system or a component of the system that is not functional at the time of the inspection or currently locked out.
  7. Predict future conditions, potential failures, and operating costs for items listed in the inspection report.
  8. Inspect, operate, and report on:
    1. Seasonal structures - detached sunrooms, gazeboes, portable hot tubs.
    2. Fences.
    3. Shutters and awnings.
    4. Roof attachments - solar collectors, satellite dishes, auxiliary antennas.
    5. Foundation or irrigation systems - including lawn sprinklers.
  9. Operate a heating or cooling system when weather conditions may cause damage or seasonal circumstances do not warrant it.
  10. Conduct air-balancing inspections, moving dampers and/or its controls.
  11. Include in the report details of carpet, wall paper, surface finishes, draperies, and blinds.
  12. Include in the report the condition and operation of portable appliances such as washing machines, clothes dryers, cooking ranges, waste disposal units, fryers, grills, walk in freezers, dish washers, and fridges.
  13. Warranty or guarantees on or for the inspection and/or its contents.

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